Buddho - Phra Ajaan Thate Desaransi
Buddho byPhra Ajaan Thate Desaransi (Phra Nirodharansi Gambhirapaññacariya)Translated from the Thai byThanissaro BhikkhuCopyright © 1994 The Abbot, Metta Forest MonasteryMetta Forest MonasteryPO Box 1409Valley Center, CA 92082USA For free distribution only. When you go to study meditation with any
Step Along The Path - Phra Ajaan Thate Desaransi
Steps Along the Path byPhra Ajaan Thate Desaransi (Phra Rajanirodharansi)Translated from the Thai byThanissaro Bhikkhu Copyright © 1994 The Abbot, Metta Forest MonasteryFor free distribution only. PrefaceThe little book you are now holding in your hand grew from the faith and conviction of a Westerner
Living Dhamma - Venerable Ajahn Chah
by Venerable Ajahn ChahCopyright © 1992 The Sangha, Bung Wai Forest MonasteryFor free distribution only.Any reproduction, in whole or part, in any form,for sale, profit or material gain, is prohibited.However, copies of this book, or permission to reprintfor free distribution, may be obtained upon notification.
Mindfulness - The Path to the Deathless
The meditation teaching of Venerable Ajahn Sumedho Read
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